La Felsinea - Espressogrinder mf. - Year?


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Dec 11, 2006
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Hallo all!

I am Rotti from Austria Europe.
Now it is so my La Felsinea Espressogrinder is restored. Here a few pictures of the machine:


I divided and again developed the machine in the smallest. The engine was again wound and stored. With the engine it acts around a 400V engine with approx. 0.3 - 0,4 HP as per. the engine rewinding stand. The engine is a low-speed engine with approx. 750rpm. The newly polished Meal disk have a larger diameter than the meal disks normally existing in mills. The complete parts are massiv brass (approx. 25kg wight), highly polished and chromium-plates. Thus really good old substantial mechanical engineering like one it today any longer does not know and also from cost reasons no more does not know.
A completely important question would be there still the year of construction. Unfortunately do not know I this. Perhaps one of you has so a beautiful La Felsinea at home and can into for instance the year of construction say itself.
Much fun with the pictures and perhaps can estimate me one of you please the year of construction.
Best regards from Austria - Europe - Rotti

Translation from German to English with automatic Translator - sorry pleas for the enlish . i hope you cam unterstand me :)