La Pavoni Lever. Europiccola Vs Pro ?


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Nov 10, 2005
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Now I'm confused.
I'm drawn to the Pavoni line of lever machines, but I can't decide if the Pro is worth the extra money over the Europiccola.

The gauge is supposedly fairly worthless but looks nice, but the arguments seem to be about the water capacity and the two stage on or off thermal switch in the Europiccola Vs the thermostat in the Pro model.
A fairly decent page I've been reading from mentions this and says:
"The Professional's thermostat takes over a crucial element of control from the user, for better or worse; one advantage is that it can be left on for hours"

What this means in real terms I'm unsure...The Euro gets hotter perhaps?
If anyone can expand on this I'd be all ears. Obviously I don't want to spend another 200-250 dollars if it isn't needed.
I'm the espresso drinker in the house so the smaller capacity should be fine also, but I do want to make sure before I spend the money.

Many thanks in advance.