LaCimbali M2 Grinding Problem


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Mar 6, 2008
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I have several questions, I am seeking help with. A friend of mine has ask me to look at her LaCimbali M2 coffee machine. I normally work on CNC machine tools for a living, so I feel I have the ability, but lack the knowledge. The machine has stopped grinding on one side, error code 011.

1) If it turns out to be something other than a jam, can I buy parts, (motor, encoder) and if so where?
2) Is there a Tech Support number for this machine, someone to talk me through the trouble shooting?
3) Will I need a technician’s card to do anything to this machine?
4) Should I even attempt this repair, with my lack of knowledge?

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, and any help would be appreciated.
Did I mention she owns a small shop, and has no money?



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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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The left side grinder has jammed. Possible causes would be something hard or the coffee chutes have backed up. Push the slide on top of the machine to the left and look down chute with a flash light and see if it is clear or if you see coffee. If there is coffee stick a tooth brush down the chute and clean it out. If you have a shop-vac this will help make your job a lot easier.

If the grinder has jammed, while facing the front of the machine move the lever behind the grinder all the way to the left to coarsen up the grind. Take your shop-vac and vacuum out the grinder. Turn the machine off and then back on to reset the error. Now try to make a shot.

If the grinder is still jammed press the stop button. If you remove the hopper from the top of the machine and look down you will see 2 screws holding the lever down on the collar. You may be able to loosen the screws and move the lever all the way to the right. If not remove the screws, place lever to the farthest hole on your right and try to match the screw guides to the screw holes on top of the collar. Once you tighten it down move it all the way to the left again. You may have to repeat a few times to get enough space in between the burrs to break them free from what ever is jamming them up.

9 times out of 10 you just hit something a little to hard for the grinder. Once in a while when the plastic chute that fills the chamber with espresso gets a little dirty it can cause the espresso to stick and build up. Once it builds up to the black box channel the grinders will fill up and slow down pretty fast. That will trip the error code.