Laranzato Casa, Hottop KN8828P-2 roaster and Capresso grinder.


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Jul 23, 2022
Northern Colorado
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Hello, my wife and I are moving to 220 land, Europe, and our Laranzato Casa is a 110 device plus a little too heavy to carry if we wanted to rehab it (if possible). The Laranzato is a single boiler, pour over machine in excellent condition and performs like a champ every morning. My wife is a clean freak, so brushes the portafilter basket clean every morning after our coffee experience and she decalcifies religously (every Sunday morning, as a matter of fact). I really have no idea how to price this guy. It's a beautiful machine that we really hate to part with and we have the same problem with the roaster. Love the Hottop and have roasted many ounces of green beans in it and it shines from my wife's weekly elbow grease. Would appreciate any comments/suggestions/ideas and will discuss offline with anyone interested. We are located in Northern Colorado/Southern Wyoming area.

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