Large Batch Sizes for Drum Roasters


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Oct 13, 2017
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Hi all,

I recently started roasting on an older Diedrich CR-45 drum roaster. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with any of the larger Diedrich Roasters like this, specifically regarding ideal max batch sizes and average charge temps. The previous person using this roaster for our production facility would normally drop 110lb batches which is clearly over capacity. I know that actual max capacity varies from roaster to roaster so I curious if anyone has any Diedrich specific knowledge. So far, based on my profiles, I've only been able to get ideal flavor dropping 65-75lb batches. This seems in line with the the 75-80% rule that I've heard mentioned. Some of my knowledge from roasting on significantly smaller roasters doesn't seem to directly translate to working with this bohemoth, but I'm slowly trying to correct some of the mistakes made by previous roasters here. :lol:
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