Learning the art and science of Roasting


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Sep 10, 2006
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Like bllondy I want to roast coffee for my store consumption as well as retailing to the public.

I paid close attention to the input johng99 and Coffee Guy gave bllondy, that learning to roast is probably not that hard, but doing it really well and consistently is.

What sources are out there for one to learn how to roast? I've been Googleing for books but no title I catch sounds credible.

What can one read or do to increase skill and 6-th sense on roasting?

Input is appreciated. All the best.

Home Coffee Roasting; Romance and Revival by Kenneth Davids is a great resource for understanding the basics of coffee roasting. After that, experience is key. I found that it was easiest to learn after I tried it, so I could relate to coffee forum posts and advice from experiences roasters.
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Thanks Cawi. I will keep that title handy. I got to get my hands on a roaster soon so I can (like You say) start relating to all the info. posted here (great source as well).

Topher, I'm in Austin, Texas.