Leasing a fully furnished and ready to go shop? HELP!


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Oct 9, 2005
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Hello there,

I have dreamed of owning my own coffee shop for years now, it's absolutely what I want to do with my life. I know I can make it work and I know that I have an idea that has not been explored yet, and I'm positive it will be a huge success.

That said:
I just moved to a new area, it's beautiful and the town is a smaller community college town. I know someone that is going to lease out a shop that is directly across the street from the college. I don't know all of the details yet, but I do know that the lease includes all that is already in the shop (it's completely set up with new appliances, espresso machine, grinders, blenders, furniture... everything, even syrups).

I am going to see it this week and get all of the details. The lease is what I think, pretty spendy. But, the location and the building are awesome. It's a converted victorian home, different sitting rooms, fireplace... everything I want and imagine a cozy coffee house to look and feel like.

Thing is, I don't know enough about the business yet, but if I can manage to pack in a lot of training in the next couple of weeks I can pull it off. My husband is a chef and I have worked as a barista and other customer service jobs all my life, and we both have ended up managing in whatever job we've had. I really believe we can pull this off and make it work.
Other thing is, that I've learned that the last two people who managed this shop walked out mid-lease, not finishing the lease and the payments. This of course leads me to wonder what happened. I know that they offered free wi-fi, maybe their expenses were a little too extravagent...

So my questions start here (finally)

1. Do you think that this is a smart move?
2. How much is too much for a lease?
3. How do I find out what happened?
4. What kind of training do I have to have?
5. Where do I find the training?
6. Do you think that I'd be able to get it all up and running in the matter of maybe a month?

Any other input would be very helpful. Thank you so much.
So far, I'm planning on going to the Coffee Fest in Seattle and attending the free classes, possibly the Barista Workshops and Trainings.
Any advice? Please? :)


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Apr 17, 2005
Modesto, CA
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Learn Learn and Learn

If this is an opportunity you have to act on quickly you might want to seek a barista job at starbucks or somewhere in a neighboring town where the owner won't be offended. Just two weeks in a place and you can learn a lot - I did research over 18 months while working full time and never worked in a shop.

There is plenty to read online....here is just one place to read about this business. Good luck


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Dec 4, 2005
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Like I tell everyone its a business, do the numbers. Your coffee vendor will help you with the coffee and training.

1. If you are being forced to make a decision in a hurry, walk away
2. why is it setup and for lease what happened ask around
3. how many students should be over 2000+ if its going to work
4. How much seating
5 rent should not be more than $3000 per month and thats high for a small college town But you are saving on startup costs.