Location equation?


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Aug 22, 2004
Willow Spring, NC
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All reference material states that you can expect to get .5 to 1% of drive-by traffic to stop at your drive thru. That is to say, 35,000 cars traveling relatively slowly should net 175 to 350 cups per day.

I took that to be transient traffic flow past a strip center.

Does the relative percentage increase for enclosed shopping centers or malls? I think it might because it's more of a 'destination' and the mindset of the shoppers is different. Sure, you miss alot, if not most of the morning drive purchases, but does the supposed higher percentage make up for that loss?

Opinions welcome.


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Aug 14, 2003
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When I was younger I managed a coffee shop in a mall...man it kicked ass business wise....rent is high though....and over the years you see more shops go under in the malls....you see less people shopping in the malls...more people are buy stuff at the targets and wal-marts...I know this didn't help but I do remember that we would have $1,000 hours during season....oh well.