London Coffee bars/houses


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Jan 13, 2005
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Hi everyone i'm new on the forum hello to you all.

Recently my favourite haunts have either closed down or have changed management or have become too popular with the wrong type of clientele.

So I have embarked on a quest to find a new place for me and my friends to meet up for our regular socials and i'd like your help doing so.

I have a few things that i'm looking for, having mainly used Nero's and Coffee Republics in the past i'm looking more towards an independant store although any recommendations will be appreciated.
So on with the list:

1. An indie relaxed atmosphere with nice social staff.

2. Good music. Bebop and Jazz are fine but i'm not opposed to good underground music such as that covered by in small doses.

3. Nice comfy seating anything from new minimalist stock to old worn down leather couches.

4. Location would ideally be centralish, perhaps as east as Tower Hill and as West as Barnes. Although i'm willing to travel any distance to find a particularly special place.

5. It goes without saying that good coffee is a big plus :grin:

6. I'm a student love or loathe me, i'm happy in most social circles but I don't like crowded places with no seating, after all I want to place to chill out and somewhere to perhaps catch up on a bit of work that's needs finishing for an imminent deadline.

That's about it. Thanks for any tips, recommendations or even other websites I should check out to aid me in my quest.