Looking for a 3K - 5K roaster & used USRC 3 Kilo advice.


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Jul 15, 2014
Harrisonburg, VA
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Greetings, all!

I'm in the market for a used 3-Kilo to 5-Kilo machine for a roasting business I'm starting up in Virginia. And last week, while calling up a list of referrals from one of the roasting companies, I talked to a guy who recently upgraded roasters and is selling his 1997 3-Kilo USRC for $5,000.

Never having purchased a commercial roaster like this, I would like to know 1. Is this a fair price? and 2. is there something I need to look out for with a used roaster like this? I don't personally know anybody who roasts coffee for a living that can give me any advice, so here I am, asking you fine folks for guidance. The seller did say he wants me to fly out to New Mexico for 2-3 days to train me on use of the machine and teach me to take it apart and put it all together again. Thoughts?

Also, if anybody else has a 3K or 5K machine they are willing to part with, let me know.


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Oct 10, 2013
Milwaukee, WI
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It's difficult to say if that's a good price or not... sorta like saying I can buy a '97 Lexus for $5K; it could be a beater and be a bad deal, or in showroom new condition w/ low miles and be a steal.

It sounds like a good deal, if it has been maintained well. But add in your costs to go get it, and/or have it shipped back. The fact that the seller will show you the ropes though, that has some value too.

If I was in your shoes and my time-frame said I didn't want to wait around, I'd be thinking I'll just go get it with the understanding that almost anything on it can be replaced w/ off the shelf parts.

BTW, a new USRC 3K will set you back around $11K.


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Nov 27, 2011
NE Pennsylvania
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USRC build quality and tech support are great. check for any chaff fire damage ? any automation included ? If the roaster is still in use , ask for a demo or roast a few batches to try it out. If it checks out 5k not bad


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May 30, 2013
Northern California
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Sounds like a good deal to me. I would call the people at USRC and talk with them about it. I'd say if the guy wants you to fly out and go through it like you said, odds are it will be a good roaster. If you are unsure, you could ask what it would cost to have the roaster shipped to USRC and have them go through it, and then ship it to you when it's ready.

FWIW: I bought my San Franciscan 6 lb roaster when it was 9 years old for just under 10k about a year ago. I bought it through the San Franciscan company, refurbished by them (they had built a new roaster for the guy who owned mine, and he traded it in).


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Jul 28, 2014
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i, too, am looking hard at US Roasters 3 or 5 kg. i would really like to find a nice used one for a fair price out there. time to move on from my weber setup. while i have had some good success with my home-built stainless drum, i am finding it nearly impossible to control temps. i just roast, for now, for my family and friends. please let me know if you have a USR 3 or 5 kg. thank you! great forum, btw.