Looking for a Sivetz roaster !


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Jan 22, 2009
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I am trying to source a1/4 or 1/2 bag used Sivetz roaster. I am also looking for other used equipment...ie. Grinders and an Actionpac or Weigh Rite scale. If you know of anything available, I would appreciate a response. Thanks Everyone!
It's a decent roaster for people who don't know anything about the art of roasting coffee. Just set the end temp and watch the beans spin. I remember seeing a couple here http://www.roastersexchange.com/Data_Re ... ountry.asp

The roaster is designed so that the only variables under the operator's control are end temp and quench time. More time must be spend cupping, blending and selecting coffee's that react well to a quick application of convective heat.
That is a false statement full of ignorance and arrogance.
That's a vicious attack without merit or fact.

Our debate has hijacked this thread. If you have a problem with me, send me a pm.
Coffeeexpert said:
That is a false statement full of ignorance and arrogance.
That's a vicious attack without merit or fact.
And what fact did you set forth when you poop poop Sivetz? You want fact? There are roasters using air roasters that have coffees that beat most drum roasters out there. I will name two; The Roasterie and Gimme Coffee. You do know who they are, right?
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Hey Guys !

This wasn't meant to be a debate. Its all about the flavour, and taste is very subjective.
So be nice...haha

Thanks to those who have offered leads to me. I appreciate the help !!
This is for ccafe
Maybe you should have your eyes checked or if nothing is wrong then your are just plain dum. This is in regardes to the healthy coffe thing where you banned a person for not even mentioning the gano thing and if you again READ that person was giving some nice advice to help someone out. But maybe you just like banning people and are power made but such an jerk and stupid.
Hey Dunk, welcome to Coffeeforums...
If you're looking for quality info related to the coffee industry, there's tons here to sift through. Otherwise, if you're just stopping by to vent a little steam, there are more mature ways of doing it without resorting to childish name calling.
Have a nice day.
There have been a lot of them popping up on craigslist recently too. I know of one in Idaho that is practically new and is dirt cheap- includes afterburner. Profiling systems that allow you to control the fan speed and power burner are now available too.
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Where exactly did you find the Idaho roaster? I had a quick look on Craigslist without success.

Thanks for the tip...could you guide me to it?