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Nov 7, 2015
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Ad for Coffee Importer, Roaster, and Barista.
Coffee Entrepreneur wanted
LifeFit is looking for a someone with experience in importing coffee beans, roasting, and barista experience. You should have over 5 year of experience in each area. Depending on your experience we can negotiate your salary and % of profit sharing with our company. We have secured funds to open a large retail facility where we will roast inside the building. The location is in South Florida. We have many other products such as smoothies and fresh baked goods. Our main goals with these products if offering the highest quality nutritional profile in foods and drinks.

You experience should include:
Logistics of importing mycotoxin free seasonal green coffee beans.
Understanding the science and art to roasting. (We do not roast past a medium). We like to stick to lighter roast so our customers can understand the true nuances of coffee.

Understanding the art & science of a barista. In addition, be able to write a manual & train others how to barista
You will be manager/part owner.