Looking for roasters/barista training in South Florida


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Aug 28, 2006
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I am seriously considering acquiring a small coffee house/gelato place in south florida that is for sale. I have been looking at their numbers and although their sales are low, after visiting the place for hours I think that it is mainly due to bad management (absent owner) and their product being less than perfect. (The girl who served me today didnt know how to make a capuccino when I asked her for one, she had to ask the other employee working there... no comment).

Anyway, I am looking for a new roaster that would be willing to provide us with well, coffee, and also training with the machinery. They use a LaCimbali grinder and espresso machine, but I do not know who is their current coffee provider.

Thnx in advance to anyone who is willing to give me a list of names and/or contact numbers.