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Jul 14, 2004
Moultrie, GA
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HELP! :lol:
I am considering starting a small coffe shop next store to where I live. We currently rent the space to a beauty shop and her lease will be up soon. The space is around 250 square feet (wide open with AC) with a small storage area in back and a back enternce that goes to my back yard. I want to name it "Johnny Beans". In the small town where I live there are NO coffee shops to speak of, just the usual Huddle haous and Waffle Kings. We are just starting to get the big players like Home depot and Lowe's. I also have a food connection for a good quality donut which requires no baking!! They come in many assorted styles. The rent my tenant pays is $350. per month. Do you think I can make more then this amount and what advice would you give me on how to start the business?

Thank you
More than 350 a month...ummmm...yes you could. Need to do your research on machinery and what not...source fresh coffee..or buy a small roaster like the one I do my sample roasting on.