Looking for Some Nutty Coffees...


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...and by 'nutty' I mean the flavor, not the psychological condition.

I had a very nice Brazil Fazenda Lagoa Peaberry earlier this year, and I fell in love. It had a very prominent nutty flavor and was not bright at all. Does anyone have any suggestions for similar coffees/regions? What roast degree or profile works best to achieve this flavor?

If it helps, I'll be brewing it in a French press.
Many coffees from Brazil have that same characteristic; check with your local green coffee broker or importer to see what they have available that matches your specific needs, as there are numerous possibilities only limited by what is in-season and available in your area.

You might also want to describe your flavour preference and other characteristics in further detail when hunting for something of interest... for example, what kind of nut? Was there something about the balance, body or acidity making that particular coffee stand out? A good broker should be able to supply you with a number of samples to cup that meet your description.
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Thanks. I realize it was probably too broad of a request. I was hoping for some information stating that certain regions or processing methods lead to the nutty flavor.

As far as what kind of nut, I really can't say much more than it sure wasn't peanut. 'Nutty' was the word written on those particular bags, and on several others that I've liked. It's not so much that I tasted the nuttiness, it's just that I like the flavor of coffee that others have labeled as 'nutty'. I also don't seem to enjoy acidic South and Central American coffees--but I seem to like Ethiopian ones.

I don't know if this is a better description of what I'm looking for or if it's just more of the same.
I agree SlowRain.... the Brazilian stuff just has that unique nuttiness that is hard to describe. Not hazelnut, not peanut, not cashew.... for me anyway.... just a nice nutty flavor. I currently use a Brazilian Ipanema for espresso (business and at home) and it does quite well. ESPECIALLY the way it smells after sitting 5-7 days. Nutty, buttery, etc.... IF every shot tasted as good as it smells at that point it would be heaven. The Brazilian stuff is also quite good for drip, but my personal favorite for that is Ethiopia Sidamo. If you like something dark, fruity, winey then look no further than the Sidamo. Later!
Mmmm, I hear ya. I love La Minita for the nutella/peanut/marzipan smells. I 've had good luck with the high grown centrals and the premium brazils.
Been working with our roaster to come up with something to highlight the nutty/buttery goodness of the Brazilian stuff and combine that with the fruity/winey taste of the Ethopia Sidamo that I like so much for drip. What he gave me was 70% Brazil, 20% Ethiopia and 10% Sumatra, he added that bit of Sumatran to break up the acidity that was lingering. First 1.5 lbs. looks to be a hit, but needs to age a bit more. Later!