Looking to buy turn key drive thru in Western WA


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Jul 11, 2007
Seattle, WA
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Hello All-

Be gentle, this is my first time here. I am finally looking to own my own stand after 10 years as a barista but am having a hard time finding a turn key oppurtunity that makes financial sense.

I have contacted a local company that supplies wholesale beans to many of the local indy stands. They have an espresso brokerage if you will. So far the guy only had one recommendation within my budget of 50k. It''s not ideal (bad location, lack of consistency, mismanagement etc) so I am less than thrilled. They work for 5% commission from the seller.

He also referred me to ezdrivethru.net but honestly the guy is really slick (all about a \"leave your checkbook at home\" free consultation and other salesmany things) plus he charges 6k for finding you a location no guaruntees and an additional 3k if a building already exists.

So to my real questions:
1) How did anyone here find their stand or location, especially those seeking turn key businesses.
2) Anyone know of anything for sale out there?
3) Am I totally on drugs to think that selling a stand that does 100-200 a day for 60k is Waaaaayyyy unreasonable?

PS I am willing to buy something with potential anywhere from Bellingham to Olympia. And yes, I would plan on working it mostly myself.

Thank you for any info!