Looking to get into the coffee business


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Oct 26, 2007
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I am looking to get into the coffee business. I will be opening a shop in a foreign country and will need to have supplies shipped from the US. It will be take away paper cups only and may have up to 3 tables, most business will be take away. I am currently going through the process of business licenses for this country. Is there any particular suppliers that I could look at for beans, machines, cups/supplies and even consultation. Just looking for ideas right now.

I have been thinking on this for about a year and a half but am just now going forward with it.

Indeed Anne is right. Even in the darkest, most remote corners of the coffee globe there are agents for just about everthing specialty coffee related. For instance here in even the highlands of Indonesian Papua, almost 18 hours flying time from Jakarta, you can find a LaCimbaliM32 churning out cappuccino to locals and expatriates alike.