Making a fantastic pot of coffee


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Oct 6, 2012
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I spent 20 years on the fire department, drinking some good coffee and some of the worst you can imagine. We had the old vacuum pots with the metal container on the top. We would heat a pot of water to a boil, stick the metal container on the top with the ground coffee in it, let the coffee go up to the metal container, turn off the burner and let it go back down to the glass container. The coffee was good at this point. From there, the pot of coffee would sit on a low flame and get boiled to death.......literally.

I have tried many brands, but use your preferred brand. I use a Mr. Coffee drip machine, but all drip 12 cup machines are pretty much the same.

Here is a way to make a fantastic pot of coffee:
I had found that when I poured a cup while the coffee was brewing, it always tastes better than waiting until the whole 12 cups were brewed. The secret is not so much what machine or brand of coffee, but how it is made.

I fill the carafe with 12 cups of water, but pour only 7 cups of it into the machine. Leave the other 5 cups in the carafe. I put 1/3 cup + 1 tablespoon (or 1/3 cup rounded up on top a little) into the filter. Tamping the coffee down into the filter with the measuring cup helps to keep the filter in place and gets the grounds saturated better. As soon as the 7 cups go through the brewing, turn the machine off.

Hours later, you can pour a cup, stick it in the microwave for 60 seconds and it is still fantastic. It seems that if you run the whole 12 cups through the brewing, it gives the coffee a bitter taste that you do not get when running only 7 cups through the coffee grounds. The longer the coffee is heated, the worse it tastes.


Run a pot of half water / half cider vinegar through coffee maker occasionally; rinse thoroughly.

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I have distilled water piped into 3rd faucet at sink & ice maker.
It makes better coffee than tap water, IMHO.

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