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Jan 29, 2017
South Eastern USA
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Hello everyone,

I've tried "Love" blend from MasterPeace Coffee. First I just want to say that when I try a new coffee I look at the whole experience from selection to purchasing then enjoying the coffee.

They are a Christian based business and they name some of their coffees after the "Fruits of the Spirit" which are elements to a Christian's person that are to be nurtured to make them a more effective Christian. One such is "Love" which is the first one I tried.

So about the Love Blend here is a partial description from the website masterpeacecoffee "Ethiopia sings over Brasil’s mid tones, and Colombia’sfoundation. Sense notes of cream, licorice, sweet jasmine, pecans,caramel, hazelnut, and lavender." Which according to the owner is a custom blend of two different coffee roasting profiles in one package.

I also used a burr grinder for the first time which to made a huge impact. I tried the preground from them as well that I accidently got due to a mix up with my order. The owner, who I spoke to directly (Carlos) was very kind and was glad to ship me whole beans as a replacement at no additional charge. This little snafu actually gave me the change to experience the pre ground and fresh ground coffee and I can tell you that when someone tells you to get a burr grinder, do it. It makes a difference. In the appearance of the coffee itself it was clearly a better extraction from the bean giving me a very dark, smooth colored brew. Very different from blade ground. Much more flavorful and intense experience as well having ground the beans myself and brewed immediately.

I'm a coffee tasting novice so here's what I got. The ground dry bean was slightly smoky similar to how cinnamon makes your mouth feel. Also a little woodsy. The wet ground gave me a mild chocolaty aroma which was very pleasant. The body was very pleasant and not too oily and to me a pretty clean finish. There was also a pleasant level of acid which to me added to the smoky aroma I told you about earlier. Over all I enjoyed it a great deal. Also I have to add that the burr grind brew gave me a caffeine buzz like I haven't had in a while. This is coming from someone that drinks a lot of caffeine. I'm very happy with my purchase and look forward to trying and learning more. I would encourage anyone to try MasterPeace. :coffee: I hope this makes some sense, I'm still learning.

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