Mazzer Grinder Super Jolly Timer Doser


Aug 7, 2013
Another auction buy is a Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder. This came in the form of bidding on two machines from a restaurant going out of business. The one I bid on has a big sticker on it "Decaf". Seems like there was one other bidder who ended up winning the Mazzer for regular caffeinated coffee. I figure that in a coffee house, a grinder that is used exclusively for decaf is used about 25% of what the regular bean grinder is used. In a restaurant setting...probably even less. Again, cleaning and taking apart this grinder has been a learning experience, but I was troubled by the presence of a white caulky substance on the threads of the burr chamber. Is this a food grade sealant/grease? Is it used at the factory? My guess is that it is a factory installed grease and this grinder has never been opened up and cleaned...which would confirm my suspicion that it got a ton less use than the other grinder. The burrs are still very fact, I'm still just kidding!! I wanted to take the doser wheel out of the assembly, but didn't have the specific allen head driver bit just cleaned in place with lots of patience and a pointy knife and brush and flathead screwdriver. I'm really tempted to keep this one, but will probably sell it on ebay. Having fun though...just get a kick out of breaking things down and rebuilding them...started taking things apart as a young boy...drove my mother crazy!


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