McDonald's joke. A bit off topic.


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Sep 9, 2006
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I just read the thread on McDonald's coffee and it reminded me of this joke.

A German tourist was standing in line at a McDonald’s in Atlanta. When he got up to the counter he asked for a beer. The red neck standing behind him said, “You fool. You can’t get beer at McDonald’s” The German replied, “On the contrary, in Europe McDonald’s serves beer and wine.”

After a few seconds the German started laughing. “What’s so dang funny?”, asked the red neck. To which the German replied, “It just occurred to me that you are here for the food.”
Last week I was down in the big city of Boston and stopping in a shopping mall. Framingham or Natick. One of those places west of Boston proper. In the mall there was a food court and in it was a Gloria Jean's and a McDonalds.

I found in interesting that many of the people sitting at tables drinking coffee had the Newman's Own from Mickey D's and none of the food. It was stunning to imagine that some people were treating McDonalds as a coffee bar when there was a real coffee bar in the food court.

The one that scares me is Coca Cola's launch of Far Coast and Chaqwa. Stupid names, but they have their sights on grabbing a share of the coffee market. They have a new coffee machine and their goal is to make it as ubiquitous as the soda fountain. If any one is in Toronto, please check it out and report back.