Menu advice for a coffee bar with a twist


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Feb 23, 2005
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I'm planning on purchasing a laundromat and converting a section of it into a coffee bar for customers that are waiting for their laundry. Since I'm a novice in the coffee business, I'd like some recommendations for a simple but adequate menu offering. Thanks in advance.

Also, as far as the decor and ambiance, would you recommend earthy tones with dim lights or a brighter setting? I'll have a small area for patrons to sit and access the internet. My core customer base will be college students.
coffee laundry

I would suggest keeping it bright since you want to see what you're ding when you're folding your clean laundry. Laundromats can tend to get hot and steamy, so make sure to have plenty of cold beverage options. If you don't want to do smoothies, try Italian and cream sodas.

How many sqare feet do you have?
Good luck