Might raise yer Blood Pressure a little, though....


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Sep 8, 2003
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Blood Pressure - In a study of 1,017 male former medical students (mean age 26
years) who graduated between 1948 and 1964, for a median follow-up of 33 years,
consumption of 1 cup of coffee a day raised systolic blood pressure by 0.19 mmHg
and diastolic pressure by 0.27 mmHg after adjusting for variables. Compared with
non-coffee drinkers, coffee drinkers had a greater incidence of hypertension
upon follow-up at 28.3% vs.18.8%. Coffee drinking may play a small role in the
development of hypertension. Klag MJ, Wang ¨CY, et al, Arch Intern Med, March
25, 2002;162:657-662. 39770

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