MilkMate 2005

I don't see the point... I'd invest in something a little bigger such as under counter refrigerator, capable of holding gallons of milk. This can be placed very close to the machine just the same. Later!
I've had plenty of customers that have used the Cimbali version called the Frigo Milk. I'm assuming the model you've found would work just fine. The only problem I can see is the one's I'm finding are claiming its solid state. Which is the same thing as the Cimbali. It says no freezing but I've seen them freeze up. Solid state just means its using Peltier modules to do the cooling job.

As for a reply to shadow745. There are a ton of reasons to go this route. A small fridge can take considerably more space as well as power and sometimes its just not feasible to add a small fridge when something the size of the MilkMate will work just fine. I've seen several sites where a milk fridge was considered as an afterthought and nobody wanted to drill holes through the very expensive counter top.

I agree that its nice to have a small fridge directly underneath but sometimes its just not a practical solution for everyones problem.
Well... space issues or not I surely wouldn't spend $500+ on something that keeps 1 gallon of milk cold. A good insulated cooler/ice will do just as good of a job and is about 10x cheaper.

Some of you must not go through alot of milk. Alot of our recent events have us using 5-6 gallons of milk and this is in a 2-3 hr time frame. In our van we have a full size refrigerator, 22 cu ft, with the capacity of holding around 11 gallons of milk, along with bottled water, soda, half-n-half, etc. and we need all the room we can get for our dairy needs.

CCafe... define what you consider a ton of reasons... would that be 2,000 of them as in 2,000 lbs. in a ton? LATER!
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The freezing up was my concerns. I did review the Frigo unit and that led me to find the MilkMate 2005.
They use the peltier modules as mentioned.
I do have a small dorm unit in my lab section but for the cafe' plans a smaller unit on the counter will be needed.
Thanks Again!

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