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Aug 13, 2008
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I had a storefront in North Carolina which I sold and moved to Delaware. I am unable to get the specialty coffee business out of my system so now I have an enclosed triler that has all the equipment, electrical, generator and plumbing etc. I have already been in contact with the department of health and have everything in place along those lines.

I have participated in forums when I had my store on another site and have reseached here and have mostly found information on carts and trailers for sale but nothing that pertains to actual experience on mobile units at either festivals or as a set up on a daily basis.

I am looking for information as to anybody's experience at weekend festivals including where most provide electrical for a fee or will I need to be prepared to use my generator full time ? Are music festivals typically better crowds for this service ? Does anyone do state or county fairs ?
Does anyone do mobile service for example to weddings or graduations ?

I would appreciate at feedback.

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Oct 25, 2007
SE PA, Mid Atlantic
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I actually came here to post an ad for my truck, and saw your message. I had a good run at festivals for a few years, then my business took another direction.

There are few consistent answers to your questions. I used a generator and battery supply at most places I went, because even when there was event power, it rarely equalled my needs: espresso machine especially. Music events were good, but folk especially. A more middle-aged income. Kids drink espressos at school but party at concerts. Young crowds didn't usually work out. Craft shows were great. County fairs have all the power you could hope for, but high entry fees and a crowd that is preoccupied with funnel cakes and sodas. Eventually I found I could do pretty well showing up at the same farm market all season, and creating a local presence, as driving all over creation, which was nevertheless more fun. I never really did the route thing.,, were my biggest resources.