Moka pot Bialetti Brikka, but for induction?


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Sep 17, 2016
Dear forum,

I have recently started getting interested in buying a moka pot. I have browsed through many reviews and the conclusion so far is that the 'closest' real espresso you can get with a moka pot is the one named "Bialetti Brikka" because it has a tad higher pressure than the other bialetti moka pots.

However our kitchen is of course as most modern kitchens equipped with a induction stove, making it impossible to use a Bialetti brikka since it is made of aluminium. Now, the options I have is of course to get the Bialetti Induction OR the Bialetti Venus, both of which are made in stainless steel. But they don't get to the same pressure levels as the Bialetti Brikka, so I'm a bit ambivalent about the choices.

Considering options here, and thought I'd turn to the expertise of the forum;

So, my question is basically, is there ANY other moka pot out there from any other manufacturer that can get the same pressure as the Bialetti Brikka but is compatible with induction stoves?

I guess if there is no other options, one solution would be to buy a induction plate adapter and then buy the brikka and place it on that every time but it seems like something that would annoy me a bit in the long run.

So, dear forum - advices here would be greatly appreciated :)