music and coffee! is there a better combination ?


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Aug 18, 2004
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hey this is the moose just checkin what is in evryones cd player when they drink coffee. i am sayin:
jack johnson any and all of his
donavan f
ryan adams - cold roses
nickel creek - why should i let the fire die
john mayer - hevier things
michael buble - its time and the self titled

coffee and music rocks
Michael Buble
Norah Jones
Matt Wertz
Dave Barnes
William Joseph
Jack Johnson
Josh Kelley
Josh Groban
Even a little Jim Brickman (I love piano music)
coffee and music

I haven't heard about Squeeze in a long time!

Personally I'm more of an emo person, so I'm typically rotating Taking Back Sunday or Jimmy Eat World while sitting on my porch sipping.

I also am not one to ban classical in the evenings while winding down and drinking coffee (i know, don't ask).
I love all kinds of music with my coffee. Usually I prefer instrumental stuff like contemporary jazz. A friend of mine referred me to an up and coming saxophonist named Lance Koonah. After listening to a music sample on I ordered his CD. Really catchy melodic stuff that any music/coffee lover could get into.