My husband bought me a J-C E8 from Williams Sonoma for Xmas


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Dec 15, 2005
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he bought it for me to have coffee at the touch of a button. Since it was a gift, I hadn't researched what I gather are called 'super-autos' before. I see a number of mixed reviews.

Up until now I've been a drip coffee drinker, not much espresso, but I do buy latte's from coffeeshops, so I can see that I will get more use out of the machine than just regular coffee (which I guess they call crema coffee).

Here are my questions, mainly revolving around the negative things I've now read about the E8:

does anyone know the actual brewing temperature of this machine? I read somewhere 182 degrees but it didn't specify if this was the temp in the cup or the actual brew temperature. Based on my limited coffee knowledge I understand 182 would be too low to brew good coffee.

What is the taste difference between the 'crema coffee' and drip coffee? I am satisfied with my current drip coffee taste, though I don't like my machine (Cuisinart Grind and Brew). I really like my coffee and I'm afraid of a big taste difference with the different brew style.

any other comments about this machine? My husband really tried to please me with this, and it's quite pricey so I really want it to work out.


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Jan 9, 2006
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We just got a super-auto for Christmas also. We first bought a DeLonghi EAM3200 from Sam's Club. But we were very disappointed in the frother on this machine. We ended up taking it back and got a E8 from William-Sonoma. So far we really like it. it is very easy to use and we have not been unhappy with the results. I think you will find that you get a much better flavor from your coffee in this machine than you will in your drip coffee maker. :) I have only been using the E8 for a little under a week so I still have a lot to learn but so far so very, very good.

Good luck and hope you like it.