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Jul 10, 2009
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I am Vivek and I am from India. I am presently in UK on work and after coming across so many coffee shops and a long time interest in owning a shop back home, I have decided to invest money and finally fulfill my dream and hobby.

Now I understand that most of you are from US or abroad but the ground rule of setting up a shop would be the same anywhere in the world. My plan is very nascent and i would be very grateful to take cues from the Gurus on this forum.

Some of the ideas that i have are as follows:

1) USP: I am very environmentally driven and would like to contribute to community and the nature. Hence, my USP will be to plant saplings for every bill generated out of the cafe. I am in touch with a couple of NGO's which are working on conserving the nature.

2) Theme of the cafe: The theme of the cafe should compliment the USP directly. So, in a way the interiors, furnitures etc will be directly related to our USP.

3) Offer world coffee: The coffee culture in India is still new and the customer is not exposed to many blends that a good cafe has to offer. They are on most occasions deprived of a good cup of coffee. My aim is to provide the best service, at an affordable price with variety of blends. I would love to offer customers, taste of Africa, Arabia, Europe and America.

4) The cafe has to be very easily accessible. I plan to open a cafe at a place that is frequented by College students and working professionals alike.

However, I am new into the world of beans and would like to have a detailed insight on how to nurture my dream. I have no idea how a financial has to be prepared? No idea what sort of questions I will encounter?

I kindly request you to advice/criticize on my query. All the feedbacks from you are most welcome.

Also, it would be very kind, if anyone owns a coffee shop in London and offers me a freelance job over the weekend so that i learn this art better. I am willing to work for free without any expectations.

Thank you so much :)




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Jun 19, 2009
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It all sounds so perfect. Well done on taking the first step.

As a drinker, not a business person, all I want to add to this is that you have to make your own blend to make it a special coffee shop! :D

Keep posting, can't wait to hear your progress!