Need Marzocco Parts Source in US (colorado)


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Jul 24, 2007
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I have a 3 Group Linea and the internal cooling fan is going bad. It sounds like the fan bearings are shot. I looks like a typical 80mm computer case fan, except it is 230V. My link to esi takes me to a site in German now... It looks like they have merged with Franke Coffee Systems. The link on their site to the North American company does not work...

Does anyone have a good source for Marzocco parts, beyond the typical group head/steam wand stuff?

Thanks so much!
JD Anderson
Nemo's Coffee


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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I hope I'm not to late to chime in and save you a buck. Its really nice when people take good pictures of those fans. As it wasn't to hard to hop on line and see the model number and cross reference it with Adda USA's website.

For the most part is a standard 220-240V 80x80x38mm fan with a 24CFM rating. With that I crossed referenced for a like fan and found the same fan. Go figure! ... oJrbAs8%3d

Now for the real killer $14.08!

Its amazing how much espresso places will up charge products. Drive me nuts! This is why I keep my trusty 2190 page Mouser catalog handy.