needing info on cma espresso machines


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Sep 26, 2004
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Hello all has any one heard of a company called CMA they sell espresso machines the name of the machine is call espresso
and there main web address is
i need some serious feed back on this i would love some feed back on what every info any body has on this type of machine they say the machine is italin made and all
any info anybody can give me i'd be very thankful


Nov 3, 2004
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CMA is one of the world's largest (if not THE largest) manufacturers of commercial espresso machines. Most of their work is private label branded for other companies, including, Astoria, Rio, and (if not mistaken) Brasilia.

As a general rule, CMA machines are well designed and built. Replacement parts are usually readily available (search under the private label names) and inexpensive due to their high volume production. Service technicians that have worked on one brand should be able to figure out the others. Be aware, however, that each brand client picks and chooses components, groups, etc. from a list and these will vary from flavor to flavor.

I'm not sure what combination of parts are used on the generic CMA models... you may want to find a domestic representative and have them elaborate.

Hope this helps!

Cafemaker is right, CMA is the biggest Italian espresso manufacturer and they actually also make machines under license for several other well known Italian Espresso companies. We sell the San Marino line of machines here in Indonesia. The machines are very well built and very durable- very important for me here believe me!!!!! In North America Astoria represents CMA and stock a range of machine lines- from the Sn Marino, through to the Sibilla. The common components on these machines are often the same so servicing is not normally an issue.

In the roastery we have a San Marino Automatic. It is a work horse- in briarwood finish. Looks good and does a excellent job.

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