New Espresso Blend...


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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I've been working with my roaster to come up with a signature espresso blend to call our own... and a new creation is finally born. Even though it won't be available to others, I thought I'd tell about it here in case it might interest some home roasters on here...

In the past year (at the bar I did work at and in our van) I have been sticking with a Brazilian Ipanema SO for spro. Same bean roasted at 2 different temp. levels gives a nice balanced shot, but I've been longing for something more complex. I asked the roaster if he could come up with something that would utilize the Brazil for the nutty/buttery flavor and combine it with my personal all-time favorite for drip, Ethiopia Sidamo for its fruit/wine sort of flavor. He tried many different combinations and finally locked onto this formula after alot of blending/taste testing.... It's 70% of the Brazil, 20% of the Ethiopia and 10% Sumatra to neutralize a bit of the acidity/tartiness the others were putting off. End result is very complex and exactly what I was looking for.