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Jul 4, 2005
Northern Kentucky
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Well a friend of mine got me hooked on going to Starbucks. I'm looking into getting a home espresso maker. I don't want to spend a fortune on a machine but I also don't want to waste my money on a cheap one either. Please keep in mind I'm a beginner, so something that is easy to use and easy to clean would be great. I would appreciate any suggestions or any information on what I should look for.
The grinder is more important than the machine. $400 towards a Rancillio Silvia and another $250-$400 for a good burr grinder.

You will never get good espresso from a $2,000 espresso machine if you are using a $50 grinder. But, you will get decent/good espresso from a $100 espresso machine and a good grinder (Mazzer/Rocky,Macap etc.).

It kinda stinks...but it's the truth!

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