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Steve V

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Hello - I am new to the coffee industry and this forum. I have been impressed with how helpfull everyone has been and hope to return the favor! We sell green coffee beans (Not roasted) and would like to expand our business. What is the best way to meet people, contact coffee houses and or market / advertise?
Thanks for your help!
Network anywhere and everywhere. Develop a passion for the coffees you are working with, know them intimately. If you love coffee, know your coffees... then if they are good you will do fine. Be patient- I do not think there is anyone posting here who made it to break even overnight.

Pick some quality roasters near where you are based. Give them some samples to play with. Coffee is not as easy as plug and play- get them to work out the best way of roasting your coffees. You get someone researching for you free, and get to cup your coffees roasted by different roasters.
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ElPugDiablo said:
join SCAA and the Roaster Guild. Attend the convention and pass out your green samples. Advertise in Roast Magazine

Thanks for the info and your help! Joined SCAA, contacted Roasters Guild and wroking on samples...

What conventions should we attend? Coffeefest??
SCAA 2009 Conference - Of course.
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Re: green beans

jlyon10 said:
What kind and what quantities of green beans do you sell. I resell beans to home roasters.

We supply commercial roasters in the SF bay area. Single origin and organic beans - Cascadia, columbian, costa rican tarrazu, guatemalan, peru, sumatra, mexican & blends are some of the beans we provide. Sorry I don't know the quantities we sell.

How is selling green beans to home roasters - Do you carry a large variety of beans? Do you have minimum quantities?
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Alun_evans said:
The next Coffeefest, if I am not wrong, is in November in Hong Kong. It should be good- AND a chance not just to get an American view on coffee. I cant imagine it would be too expensive to fly from the West Coast to HK...could be worth a trip?

Thanks for the tip - the show sounds interesting and meeting people in the business would be a big help.