newbie/new shop!!


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Jul 3, 2006
Beecher, Illinois
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Hi - I am new here and am looking forward to sharing info on our love of coffee - I am opening my coffee shop/cafe on 8/12 - everything is set and need to decide on who my supplier will be. I attended Coffeefest LV a few weeks ago and am receiving all kinds of samples - yeah - some good, some not so :( Has anyone ever heard of Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters?? I have tried several blends from them and they are great! However, minimum purchase required (which seems to be the norm) This is a small community and until I get established I am not willing to make this kind of committment - there is a local roaster up north from here called Javamania- good taste- (no minimum) any help would be appreciated. looking forward to sharing thoughts with everyone.