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Apr 6, 2004
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Hello there,

My name is Thomas Pedersen I would like to invite you to visit our newly opened coffee shop, CoffeeFirst™.

We proudly offer a quality selection of Gourmet Coffees, including Organic and Decaf, Exotic Imported Teas, Rich Cocoas, Flavored Syrups (including Sugar Free), Gourmet Candies and Coffee Samplers.

Whether you enjoy the rich unique taste of the truly aromatic Jamaican Blue Mountain (considered the best in the world) or the sharp wine, almost tangy flavor of the Ethiopia Longberry (grown in the famous Harrar region where Coffee very well may have originated) our selections are sure to delight even the most discriminating of Coffee Connoisseurs. Please take a few moments to see for yourself...

Our Imported Teas are of the highest quality and are loose leafed. Next to plain water, tea and coffee is the Worlds most popular beverages. We offer a variety of Teas, including Jasmine Chinese Tea, bright cup mixed w/ivory flowers of jasmine lending a subtle perfume. Also, our Russian 'Caravan' Tea, superior quality blended with Lapsang Souchong: a black tea steeped in rich tradition.

Ah, the delicious flavors of Cocoa! Sweet Ground Chocolate Cocoa; Ghirardelli Chocolate grinds only the finest cocoa beans from around the world to make this deliciously rich and versatile cocoa. Use it in all your sweet creations from coffee drinks, to hot chocolate, to brownies and frostings. White Ground Chocolate, Ghirardelli's sweet ground White Chocolate offers a rich and complex white chocolate flavor, whether you're using it to make white mochas or white hot chocolates.

Now, here is sure to be a favorite, whether as a gift or for those of us with an undeniable sweet tooth... Gourmet Candies! Tuxedo Beans, Espresso beans covered in dark and white chocolate. Or, perhaps Cappuccino Almonds, large California Almonds double-dipped in Cappuccino flavored chocolate.

Don’t forget the Organic Coffees.. Fair Trade Central America Beneficio, Organic Bolivian 'Colonial Carnavi', Organic French Roast and more!

Our prices are competitive, Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed. CoffeeFirst™ guarantees quality and freshness.

All this and more, delivered right to your door. We welcome you to visit our Beautiful shop of CoffeeFirst™.

Thank you,
Thomas Pedersen
[email protected]