"Nickel Back October 2nd Campaign"


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Apr 17, 2005
Modesto, CA
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Well I'm doing it. We are going to offer a nickel back on our regular prices on October 2nd to all customers. To make it even more fun I bought 12 radio spots for the first 3 hours of a morning show in my area and will post a sign (illegal for me to do so but I'll only put it up for a few hours and yank it before I get a ticket).

This, of course, is the day Starbucks will raise prices by a nickel.....so I thought I'd offer one back to those willing to come give us a try.

BTW....not sure about you but they have me surrounded with 5 stores in 10 blocks.


Aug 11, 2006
Dana Point, CA
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Good idea.....

I just posted on another topic relating to the price increase at Starbucks. Not that it's going to make your shop a destination necessarily, but it sure will bring a smile to every customer when you tell them the good news.

BTW, you might want to see how this goes and call a local ADVERTISING SPECIALTY broker in town, as they can order some "wooden nickels" with your shop's name, etc., as a promo. In my opinion, handing out tokens or wooden nickles is much better advertising than a punch card as people never through out a coin!

I was Dir. of Mkt and Sales for the coining mint for a few years, thus the prejudice for coinage! (smile) ......... but it is true that no one throws away coins.