Number of Coffees?


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Sep 9, 2008
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I agree that if you roast onsite then it's great to have the kind of variety you're talking about but it's also not hard to do given the shelf life of green beans.

Those of us that don't roast on site have to be concerned with spoilage and therefore limit our variety to a number of items that we can rotate and sell enough product to ensure freshness to the customer.

I'd love to do onsite roasting and may do it someday but until then I have to limit the selection.

This is of course just my opinion.

John P

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Jan 5, 2007
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given your business model, I would agree. Perhaps you should think about changing your business model. Even if you don't change, it might get you thinking creatively to do what you do even better. Just because what you do works now, doesn't mean you should seek to constantly improve the concept.
And if you are always improving, you will always remain ahead of the curve.


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Jul 6, 2008
St Augustine Fl
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I personaly bjy 150 lbs at a time, I change out every five pounds, all my coffee kicksass and very very little waste, (exept for decafe :roll: ) So far Kona and SO Guatemala are the favorites, but the others are great to. The customers that have a preference, by it by the pound,yet come back to try the next batch. It really is your job to educate and control your spending.