Nuova Simonelli Master Super Automatic

I've have a little expriance with it, I consider it junk. The one I worked on never worked since it was shipped from the factory. Their tech support is great, but in my mind that machine is worthless.
I've have a little expriance with it, I consider it junk.

We have worked extensively with both the brand and the company, and in my opinion, that 'junk' comment is a bit too harsh. The NS machines can be a little squirrelly, but I believe once an operator is familiar with their peculiarities, they can be effectively managed. Ryan who manages their service operations in Ferndale, WA is top notch; one of the best in the business.

The bigger challenge is determining which machine is best suited to your unique situation, including but not limited to the style of machine for your business type, use volumes and availability of local service. All too often, people have a bad experience with a machine or brand, then instantly blame the name plate without ever stopping to think if it was the right style or type for their application in the first place.

In some situations the NS Master may be the perfect solution, and a totally dreadful one in others. ...kind of like my Alfa Romeo, it's the perfect car for tooling around town on a Sunday afternoon, but I'll take something else for the long trip cross country. You can ask "is an Alfa Romeo Spider good?" but the question really should be "is it the right car for me?"

So, what do you plan to do with this Master?
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i think it would be right . but if you said it was a little squirly then it might not work for us. most of the people are idiots. and barely know how to run our rancillo. i was just curios if the automatic is good. i was wanting something that is easy for the people to use. and i was wondering about the overall quality of the machine. so i understand what you mean by "is it right for me" and i just really need something with a bigger water tank then our little rancillo and one that has 2 steam wands and 2 of more places to brew esspresso (whatever the technical name for that is).
so i just like those and i wanted to know if they are cheap or well made and sturdy and easy for idiots to operate.