Officine Vittoria 30kg coffee roaster line machinery for sale in Miami, Fl


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Dec 12, 2016
This 30 kilo Officine Vittoria made in Italy during the seventies and now rebuilt . . . is an entire package - roaster, collector, afterburner and silos for the roasted coffee storage. "Perfect for a "show and tell" wholesale retail operation. The roaster is so beautiful and fun to watch that it would be a shame to hide it from public view. Food for thought. New replacement burners recently installed.

What is happening here, is that this classic "retro" style cast iron roaster sitting on it's own pedestal in old world charm. It has been mechanically restored to it's original. This unit is in storage in the Southeast US and has not been running here - as the plans did change and the roaster system is no longer needed.

The silo acts as a destoner at the same time - so you have the best of both worlds here.

The Perforated drum allows for higher than normal air flow and the beans really like that - as they expand greatly and have a really clean taste - this machine is very Italian where taste of the coffee was really supreme - so the technology is very good. There are still technicians from the old OV factory that work other places in the coffee industry in the Bologna area - so you have constant help with mechanical or electrical issues.

The line machinery includes :

- 4 SILOS TO STORAGE ROASTED WHOLE COFFEE BEANS ( total capacity 800 kgs )

Brand new Riello burner !

Production : about 132 lbs/hour ( if you need increase it you can easily do it changing the burner ; cost is between $1500-2000 )

Propane gas
220V/3 phase electrical

Asking price : $59K little bit negotiable

Note : the equipment is currently dismantled on pallets ready for pick up .IMG_4280 (2).JPGIMG_4279 (2).JPGIMG_4278 (2).JPG

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