Oi you fergat your drink!!


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Aug 14, 2003
Boca Raton
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I went to a coffee shop in a mall the other day. I was waiting in line to order. The barista behind the counter was ringing up the customer before me as he asked me if I wanted my usual double espresso. I said no I wanted to get a regular with some ice. The lady paid and snapped at the barista, "where is my latte?!" He followed with, "you didn't order one" which I can attest to, seeing that I was listening to her annoying accent. She said yes I did...but you didn't hear me cuz you where too busy talking to him! As she walked away she forgot her grandsons drink.....so in her accent I said...OI! You fergat your drink....guess you where too busy giving these kids a hard time.....oh boy did that piss her off!! Made the baristas day...they paid for my coffee and thanked me. I went back a couple hours later and it turns out after I left she asked if I worked there or in the mall somewhere...they said no...we don't even know him...which is true...I go there about once a month when I am in Tampa. :D