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Dec 27, 2004
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Finally, after weeks of work, the new website for The Beanery Coffee Roasters is LIVE! Take a look, please, and let me hear your comments (good, bad, and so forth).

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I think it's thebeanery.com. Correct? If so, I would recommend getting pictures of your products online. That's a big deal when it comes to getting conversions
If you look it up in Google you will find thebeanery.com. Must say that your site needs a couple of things to improve sales: product pictures (like kking4120 said), popular or most sold products on homepage, testimonials of buyers to improve credibility.

We are a small batch coffee roaster on Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest and have recently launched our online shop portion in conjunction to our main website. I also don't have enough posts to provide any links, but the main website is uselessbaycoffee (dot) com and our eshop is shop (dot) uselessbaycoffee (dot) com. Would also love feedback from members and on our videos about roasting and the making of espresso as well, which can be found on our Facebook page - facebook (dot) com/uselessbaycoffee Thanks & Cheers!
Hello "Rebecca"

Welcome to the Coffee Forums website.

Thanks for sharing your website and Facebook page information. I'm sure you will be able to post links soon.

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