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Aug 31, 2009
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Dear All,

I was thinking of opening a Coffee Bar in NYC.

Thinkinbg for a location Midtown Manhattam.

About 500 sf, something tiny, cozy and good.

What do you think will be the beginning investment?

I calculated about 100k for the first 3 months, including all cost, hoping the business runs so that from 4th month I can start paying....

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Caffe Arnaldi


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Jul 6, 2008
St Augustine Fl
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You are on the right track. You have a realistic perception. Have lots of money. Don't expect money your 4 month. Think 2 yrs min. I would love to see your concept for a NY coffee bar. PICS PLEASE!

Caffe Arnaldi

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Aug 31, 2009
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Dear Tophie,

Well I am nor rich, I am a private italian investor.

I was thinking to invest 100k to open it and runs for 3 months, hoping business will run

My concept is very easy, cosy and warm, nothing fancy.

Something for all pockets.

500sf, typical italian coffee bar, no muffins, typical cappuccino, caffè, croissant and italin panini.

My question is...is it a crazy idea? how much can be the initial investment?

thank you


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Jul 6, 2008
St Augustine Fl
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Think your formula over very very closley. What do you need to break even? This will include;


And then double that.

Now what about your personal bills? Do you have another source of income?

DO NOT THINK TYPICAL. You have to think the best coffee ever. The passion for product will set you apart.

Crazy idea? People told me I was. I am begining to believe them.

If I though I could throw 100k at a concept and make instant money, everybody would do it.
Nothing is easy.
This is the hardest thing I have ever done, and i've done some crazy stuff.

How is your knowledge of espresso?
Including water chem, temp,pressure, extraction time, grind, tamp, etc etc.

I have mentioned location before, you got that?

I started out with drinks only, but consider having something nobody else has, and do it well.

I have cinnamon rolls and muffins imported for another county. They are very popular and I run out constantly so people have the conception they are "limited". ( I picked up that little trick from this forum)

My advice is to try it.
Whats the saying, better to have tried then never had known?

Caffe Arnaldi

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Aug 31, 2009
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Dear Tophie2,

here below message posted also in this forum but without any answer, just 200 views...lol..
so here what I was thinking

I am private italian investor.
I am thinking and planning to open my Coffee Bar in NYC Manhattam.
I have already created my LLC and today I might have found the right location with high foot traffic.
Location in Midtown east - 500sf ground floor

Opening from 7am to 8pm
Serving panini, croissants, caffe, espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, caffe' latte
everything will be authentic italian with LOCAL italian suppliers
NO SITTING (because, rent is high for the space and cause I do not want to have people sitting 1 hour for a simple coffee)
I would like to check with you, whether below approx costs/expensives are correct, besides which would be the needed incoming

monthly cost:

monthly rent 9k
advertsing 1k
bar suppliers (food, coffee, beverages) 9k
utility 2k
insurance 1.5k
accountant and IT fees $800
Miscellaneous (rent of coffee machine, grinder) 1.8k
Employers (3x) 9k

One Time cost
Fixtures 1.2k
Decorating, Remodeling, Construction 50k
Website, advertising, promotion, menu 4k
Appliance (refrigiretors, grill, panini maker etc) 8.5

Which makes approx. $35k monthly exspensives
Based on your experiences are above numbers accurate or maybe close to it.?
I am thinking to start incoming from 2k up to 3k daily.
Suggestions, advices, encouragement ... discouragement to start?!?!
Also an investor would be great but where I can find one trustable?

Regarding my experience of coffee is limited, I mean I live in italy and worked in hotel also as waiter I can do an espresso, but I want to do an excellent espresso, my coffee supplier will train me some weeks before the business will open. On the other hand I have a talent to deal with people and as seller, besides I am italian

So why do you believe them? of course if anyone has 100k..there would have been coffee place everywhere, is your business not going well?

NYC is a tough market as well a great ones. No I do not have any other incoming.
So far where I work now I have a position where I get almost 4.5$k monthly minimum, of course I cannot count on it, if I resign.

I am working on my BP but it is not easy, is there anyway I can send to you over for a double check? as you already started you know more than me which might be the real figures.

my email
[email protected]

thank you in advance

My ideas would be like Zibetto espresso bar http://www.zibettoespresso.com/ something small cozy easy to run.


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Jul 6, 2008
St Augustine Fl
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I like the way you have an extreme sense of your operating costs per month.
That rent is substaintial, but being in NY I would imagine it would be.

I can't imagine bringing 2-3k a day in business. That is ALOT of coffee. I am busting my ass when we have a 500$ day (which is rare by the way)

Is your concept capable of that kind of volume?

I would highly suggest going to the best coffee shop closest to you and observe. Very closely, and for the love of god, learn how to make exeptional espresso. I trained with the best for 6 months on a manual machine. And I have the best espresso in town. Period.

My business expenses are about 8k per month

Rent 2.7k
Utilities 6-800.00
insurance 230.00
advert 2-300.00
Misc B.S. 1k

But again I am in florida. My record day to date is 740.00 (plus I had a gig that nite for an extra 200.00 and this included a lunch cater) This was a 20 hr day.

Once again there are a lot of ifs. What is the competition?
Your hours are the same as mine, YOU WILL HAVE TO BE THERE. Are you ready for that? People come in my shop for me, when I am not here it shows on the register.

Why dont you invest with me as I have 5 other places that need coffee, and the money you are going to spend would open at least 3 Coffee Creation stores. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Location Location Location

Caffe Arnaldi

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Aug 31, 2009
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Well rent is high in NYC..but as u said and everybody says LOCATION LOCATION makes business running

During my last visit in NYC there was an interesting place, a florist 750sf plus 1000sf basment asking 9k, which could have been closed to 8k.
However it was too narrow the place and close to Zibetto a good competitor, even tough it was a side street between 5th and 6th avenue.

Well I will not sell just coffee but also panini, typical italin panini, with a range of 7$ per piece, croissants, hot chocolat, gelato (just 2 flavours but damnmt good...) at the beginning was calculating 300 costumers per day motiply 5$, as espresso will costo $2.50 makes 1500.

Zibetto when opnened in 2006 made 1500$ average daily with coffes only, without food. It pays 9k rent monthly..

Besides I will offer delivery to offices located nearby, offering discount and menus with special offers and beside a membership cards, buy 10 coffee e get 12...you have straigh away cash flow and for sure a reapeter, mothly besides buy 10 coffee and use that card upon a while.

Besides offerinf espresso with a small chocolate a day, another day a small biscuits, another day with a spoon of ricotta..for free

Letting your customers filling up a form to see what they would like to have.

If you see a customer face not happy, offers it for free the cappucciono or espresso, show them that you care.

I know I need to be there and the first 2 years will be tough, but I am a good seller, I have a talent I am a show man.

I can be interested in finding a business partner, why do not you open with me a business in NYC??

Of course in florida u sell less coffee, weather is warm,..

Besides offering in the evening italian aperitivo...with all panini left behind, you cut them and start offering small buffet of food from 5pm until 8pm for 10 $ including glass of wine.

Wine & Beer license is much cheaper and easy to get in NYC, firsr year 2500$ then just a small fee of 250$....

Is there anyway we can be in contact via email?messanger? facebook? where I can send u my B.plan?

besides u did not mention labor cost?
how many sf is you place?
do you have a website?



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Jul 15, 2010
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It was a great investment to the place of NYC. And I think that the place where exactly for those people want to take a coffee break. It was the most attracted coffee house in the place.


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Mar 12, 2012
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I'm interested in opening an espresso bar and I am completely new to this market. I have a great location that is currently a lunch shop that is for sale and the owner is dying to sell. It is in a big municipal business area that does not currently have an espresso/coffee shop just a small Dunkin Donuts. This area is going to be growing by leaps and bound since the city is building an additional major buildings to be completed next year. This area currently has very limited options for food services, so with the right menu anyone should be successful.

Can anyone give advise to how difficult is it to become a well trained barista and tell me some of the major difficulties?
Rent is about $2300 Hours for the other local food locations are M-F 7am-5pm
It currently has a kitchen but needs to have the equipment replaced
Currently the location brings in about $500 a day in sales

What is needed in espresso equipment?
Coffee brand suggestions?
Staffing suggestions?
Can someone new to this market be successful?

Any and all informations is greatly appreciated
Thanks doe


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Feb 21, 2012
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I think this is an awesome idea, bud! I think you'll do great, especially in New York! You'll have high costs in NY, but I think if you can market it right, build your brand, and really set yourself apart from the average, while still keeping in a price range that is reasonable (like cheaper than starbucks, lol!) then I believe you have something on your hands. I would love to see pics when it's ready!


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Aug 14, 2003
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Why is the current sales so low? Is there business on the weekends that might be worth opening for...or does it just die on the weekends?


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May 24, 2012
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I believe location Midtown Manhattam is a good place for people who wanted to invest a coffee bar. More people will be attracted to come in your coffee shop. How is it so far?