Organic, Shade Grown Green Coffee available at cost plus 20%


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Feb 16, 2005
San Jose, Ca
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Coffee Price

Hey guys, you are way off as far as your pricing goes. I just got spot quotes for under $2.00 per lb for Terrazu arabica (and this at the stateside warehouse). I'm sure SBUX
can get it way cheaper than myself.
just an F.Y.I. 8)
Ciao and the best of luck to you!


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thecaptainscoffee is retailing green beans for home roasting, commercial roasters will not pay their prices or any where close to $3.80 for average organic/fair trade/shade grown Costa Rican. Many commercial roasters support your goal to improve the life of farmers, but unless these are exceptional beans, they won't pay $3.80 per pound, and they probably expect to get their samples free of charge. FYI, my last quote about a week ago for what you are offering was less than $3.00.


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carney322, do you know the quality of this coffee? Don't get me wrong, there are high price Costa Rican, the prices we were talking about are for average Costa Rican. If your are very good, perphas you can justify the higher price. Have you heard of Cup of Excellence, ? Unfortunately Costa Rica is not part of it; coffee judged and auctioned by them can get amazing prices. Maybe Costa Rica has an organization similar to Cup of Excellence? Also, you might want to talk to this coffee importer, , they might be able to help you.

Good luck.