Oswego NY Area, looking to start a coffee shop


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Aug 21, 2005
Hi! I am in the process of buying a store front in the Oswego County area of NY and I would like to put in a coffee shop. I am new to this and have an idea on what is needed but was wondering if there are any owners, former owners, or coffee shop employees in the area willing to share some time, and insights. Also I would be interested in a joint partnership or sometype of joint venture if there is anyone out there looking to help out.



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Jan 25, 2005
Oswego, NY
Interesting that you are thinking of opening a coffee shop in Oswego, NY. I had been thinking about doing the same thing and actually have a building to put it in on West Bridge Street by Waynes Drugs. The building is 66 X 15 with two bathrooms and central Air with alot of storage space in the basement. I actually had drawn plans (basic) on layout and such. I decided not to go forward because my other job sometimes requires me to be out of town. I did quite a bit of research with books, tapes ect. I also am roasting my own beans on a small air i-roast. If you would ever be interested in talking, I would be glad to share what I learned. You can reach me at richb52@twcny.rr.com. I will be out of town from October to December. Good Luck.