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Mar 25, 2003
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Hey, I am in the market for a new machine, and was searching around the web. I don't know how many of you are from the UK, but I found a webpage that has someone's customer service experiences with Morphy Richards. Just thought I would pass along.

This graphic from their site sums up the original problem.... LOL
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Me too, but my current coffee maker was £11 ($15 US) so I expect that ("ProLine"). The coffee maker that lady was reviewing is like 5 or 6 times that. I am holding out for a carafe/thermal type decanter, rather than a glass one.
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Well, I discovered that there is a new model of that Morphy Richards out, with a completely redesigned decanter --- no spillage!!! If I can't spill it, then no one can LOL :lol:

I finally gave up on my pre-programmable, self-grinding, thermos-decanter machine and went for the espresso/cappuccino/coffee machine combo. I like it a lot, besides being a general pain-in-the-ass to clean that comes with espresso machine territory.
I like this Morphy Richards combo for a couple reasons:

1. It is cheap as heck. 50 Pounds, around $75 US. Around here the next one up is about twice that.
2. New no-spill decanter
3. "Rapide" 7-minute full-pot of coffee (my husband loves this)
4. Espresso part has a 4-serving decanter, instead of making you stick your own teensy cup under it.
5. Not a major feature, but one easily taken for granted --- the spring-loaded stopper that lets you pour coffee while it is still brewing.

Why I don't like it:
1. Cheap, unattached cover for the main coffee decanter. It "pops" in and out with little clippy-like things which hold it on using the inside of the glass. I would much rather prefer a flip-top lid. They put a much better lid on the 'coffee machine only' model; I guess here with the combo they are cutting costs.
2. Pressure bar is only 3.5. That is ok for me though. If you want to pay 140 Pounds you can get a different brand with 11 bar pressure. :)
3. hit-or-miss filling area for the espresso. I don't think there is really a better design for this, but I always spill some water around the edge of the area.
4. The little plastic tray which the espresso pot rests on. It is meant for you to be able to take it off easily so you can wash it, but it slides off WAY too easily.
5. One really annoying thing about my particular machine - the 10-Cup line on my decanter is about 2 cups lower than the water resevoir's 10-Cup line. In other words, I have to guess when I fill the decanter with water :? This is such an easy thing to not mess up on, but maybe it is just a fluke with my particular machine.

There you go, and I made a really nice batch of Caramel Macchiatto today!

p.s. forgive my foreign spellings of resevoir, cappuccino, and macchiatto if they are wrong :?
Barista Utopia

Starbucks Barista Utopia coffee maker

Got this nifty little machine for Christmas a couple of years ago and here are some good insights into this "Coffee press" style reverse-immersion brewer:

It's NOT made for hardcore 1 or more pots of coffee EVERY day.
Great for weekend users (who get their daily grind at work during their "daily grind" [painful pun]).
I'm on my third Barista Utopia. First two were sent back under warranty.
Warranty exchange policy is great, though. I took it to a nearby Starbucks store in the original box and got a brand new [boxed] one each time.

COOL looking
Fun to watch (first couple of times at least--especially if you light it dramatically from below and behind).
"Permanent" gold tone coffee filter [CON subnote A: I've gone through 4 filters (provided for free under warranty, however!). The downtime sucked though...they break or have a "blowout" after too much use/abuse]
Stay warm feature is nice
Good warranty and exchange policy

Breaks easily if you're a hardcore daily beanjuice drinker
Filter has a blowout occasionally
"Small" capacity (50 oz.)
Programmable Start timer
Stay-warm timer only lasts 2 hrs MAX...not a problem if you drink as fast as I do

TIP: Smoked gray one doesn't show stains as easily as clear one
Pretty good.

Final question: Do they even still sell that model?

My recommendation: Get a Farberware Superfast percolator, it just tastes better. (Don't overgrind!)

Programmable Coffee Maker

Daniel, Notmuffy is correct! Are there cons to a programmable timer? Every morning I awaken to my coffee already brewed just waiting for me to enjoy it.

notmuffy in your first post your coffee maker image is broken.