Paying for coffee shop

lauren Imbrockk

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Dec 6, 2004
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Iam doing a research paper for highschool and I was wondering how people pay for their coffee shop. Is it done just by loans from the bank? What exactly is the role of having a consultant?
People typically pay for their coffee shop by either:
1. Having all the money in the bank (save, inheritance, sale of other business, etc.) This is not the usual.
2. Have some money and get loans (bank, credit cards, friends, family)for the rest. This is usual.
3. Have someone else build the business and you are a minor partner by sweat equity.
4. A check falls from the sky.

A consultant basically does for you what you would have to spend lots of time or money getting. And you may never be able to get the experience a consultant brings you. They may have worked in a business that you never would and gained experience that they share with you (for a fee of course).

Good luck on the report.