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Nov 23, 2005
Czech Republic
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I am planning to open little roasting facility in Czech Republic and my big question would be what kind of roaster I should have. I have spent numerous hours in researching about roasters. For me it is big decision. I do not want to have start up cost too big, but I know I need a good roaster. And in my mind still I am in doubt what roaster I should have.
I am strongly feeling about Petroncini 2,5K roaster. Mainly because it is in Europe and they have company in Czech Republic who will help me set up roaster and do the venting system. Petroncini is not cheap and it is not expensive as Probat. But I have heard the roasting time is little bit longer than others.
I was home roasting for almost 3 years, kept the log of every batch I ever made, cup every batch I made. I was roasting for myself, friends, one small restaurant and their costumers. I was also trying getting as much information about the coffee as I can get. I have also heard that one roaster, using Petroncini model had experience very oily coffee, sort of tipped and oil coming out of it. By reducing their roast profile the beans loose some of its flavor. I know this problem may be caused by many things.
Help what I need is how happy are you with your roaster and if you had any problems?? How the long roasting affect the beans?
Thank you very much.
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