PJ's then and now...


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Dec 1, 2009
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Since corporate PJ's came under new ownership a few years back I have seen alot of changes in their quality and customer service. Do any of the memebers here ever stop into one in their area? I dont think they have reached very far north yet. If I am not mistaken PJ's has a online shop were you can purchase their products. Their sister company is what is really catching my eye New Orleans Roast. Their website doesnt look fully operational yet and they only offer a limited selection right now(medium, dark, decafe, etc) Their online ordering site took a little time to find the name is noroasthousecoffee.com One other coffee not really related to PJ's that I am partial to his Raphaels Roastery in TN. Their Euro Blend is amazing!

Bill Laine

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Jan 5, 2008
New Orleans
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First, let me say that I don't know anything about the PJ's actual structure or business model. My comments are based on the impression I get from their shops.

There are many PJ's outlets here in New Orleans. If you are a visitor, staying where visitors usually stay, you are as likely to see a PJ's as a Starbucks. I go into PJ's when it is the best choice I have. I think that many PJ's outlets are franchise operations. They use superauto machines. It looks to me like many of the operators are there because it can be a moneymaking opportunity, not out of love for fine coffee. (See 'Enterpreneur' magazine) I think at new operators are handed the keys to the shop and oriented on the drink machine about as much as the cash register. They they hire cheerful young people and show them the ropes. ('Push here for espresso. . . this button if they want a double. . ")

In my neighborhood the PJ's on Maple Street has a nice comfortable space and the staff that I deal with has been there for a while. The drinks are consistent and it is a good place to go. There is a beautiful PJ's on the Tulane Campus at Willow Street. It is an all-glass pod that was drafted onto an existing breezeway. I go there to appreciate the architecture. The staff people always seem like they are studying for an exam in the back room. I work with a fellow whose last job was at the PJ's in the WW II museum. From his comments about working there I would not look for any Baristas in that shop.

I think PJ's vary but you can usually get an adequate drink there. I don't go there looking for macchiatos or latte art on my cappuchino but they are good enough.