Planning on opening a coffee business

Alun_evans said:
I enjoyed a BBQ'ed Luwak last week up in a village I was visiting in West Java. Poor critter, hardly enough meat to fill a sate stick or two. Was, surprisingly, quite tasty (albeit slightly gamey and tough). Most villagers are not big civet cat fans as they (the Civets) are omnivores and hunt chickens and eat eggs etc. Saw quite a few live ones while I was up there and (of course) got my own samples of KL. Hope it was not from my dinner...otherwise I am feeing guilty already.

urh...aren't you worry about SARS?
Ha..ha.. I live in Indonesia!! Its a good point, and I dont want to seem blaise, but the country has ongoing Avian Flu, Anthrax, TB, Pollio, Malaria outbreaks running concurrently. Mix that in with the human attributed problems (ahem, terrorism, corruption etc), I am thinking SARS is probably the least of my worries :grin: Besides, when they sate over here it is really, really well cooked. :shock:
You can add "pigs" to that danger list...from todays newswires. Geez, it is like that book "The Hotzone" here you know!

Sumatra pigs carry bird flu virus -minister
JAKARTA (Reuters) - Pigs have tested positive for bird flu in the same village on Indonesia's Sumatra island where five people have been confirmed infected with the H5N1 avian influenza virus, a minister said on Thursday.

The case involving up to seven family members, six of whom have died, has raised alarm around the world because authorities cannot rule out human-to-human transmission.
Hey Mr. alun

I allready sent the samples of Luwak Coffee on 18 May ( thursday)... may be sthe samples come to your office on Friday evening I hope...
Thank you
Mr. Alun

I am sorry mr Alun... the samples come late, I allready recheck to the expedition than they said .. they found your office twice but nobody stay.. So the samples sent back to me now...

I really sorry about this...tell to mr CG too, I will try next time...


Best regards
Mr. Alun

Thanks, if you already received my samples.
I just waiting the next information about it, or better if i have a time i will come to your office in JKT someday.
Thanks again

Best Regards

Hello Susanto,

Yes as mentioned samples arrived late last week. Unfortunatley too late for me to include them in the shipment that left for the USA. You are more than welcome to visit me anytime- my office is in Sentul, about 1 hour outside the heat and traffic of Jakarta. I have been (as mentioned on the phone), pretty busy with the aftermath of the Yogya earthquake. I am in Bali- today, tomorrow and Surabaya Sunday. Will be back in Jakarta Monday- but have commitments through Wednesday. Anytime after is fine.

BTW I have not had a chance to open the KL sample pack. Will do so on my return. I could just courier it on to C.G if you like?
Mr. Alun

Thanks .. when i have a time i surely want to go to come at your office, about the samples that's up to you ( confrm to CG ) want to do for next. I really sorry about mysamples come late so no following the time to send it to mr CG.
Just telling to mr CG if the sample already in JKT.
Thanks again

Best Regards